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Work With Me

I’m always open to collaboration with like-minded brands: ethical or eco accommodation providers / empowered mammas, entrepreneurs / solopreneurs / mumpreneurs, eco-living and ethical product makers, heart-led creative, wellness warriors and big-picture thinkers. I’d love you to get in touch with your collab ideas. Brands, hotels and companies interested in partnering with me can check out my information and vital statistics below and get my mini media kit here.

About Me

I’m Alena Turley ^^^^.

My goal is to empower women; connect people in the community; and spread big healthy, eco-loving, delicious and tuned-in ideas all over the world. This means making informed and conscious choices in the home, when we travel, inside our own selves and with our consumer choices.

I offer support and information in Soul Mamma Crew a worldwide online community of mothers. My curated feed of articles and information is on Pinterest, as well as original material on Medium, plus as an eclectic mix of articles, review and aspirational tips and reflections on the long-running Soul Mamma Blog (since 2009).

I’m a social creative who is making pictures and writing content all the time. In the 2+ years that I lived in Bath  in the UK I founded a highly engaged and vibrant online community that grew to over 2000 members called Mums in Bath, and it’s still growing.

My personal definition of a Soul Mamma

She is a woman looking to thrive, live consciously and nurture her family with informed and intuitive choices, ones that are good for the planet and good for her and her loved ones. She knows that being considered and looking after herself well (and yet not being too serious) allows her to feel freer and be more present with her kids. She loves to travel and try new simple and healthy whole food recipes, use natural products in the home and on her body.

About the Blog

Soul Mamma is a long-running blog that is both eco-friendly, globally focused and spiritually sound. It arose out of a passion for community, awake parenting, family travel and soulful family life with great healthy food at the foundation.

I create and present a combination of original and carefully sourced images and all original written content offering tips and tricks, travel information for families, simple and original recipes and easy yet thoughtful solutions to common parenting issues.

My articles have been featured on several websites and also in print magazines over the past several years and I am loving being an influencer and collaborator since returning to work mid-2018. I have been interviewed by global marketing influencer Cara Parrish on the Crowdfire Podcast. I write original articles on Medium. My Soul Mamma brand and I are part of the UK-based Ethical Influencers Network.

Vital Stats

Over 5.2K followers on Instagram.
2.7k Avg Monthly Views on Pinterest
1867+ Facebook
1557+ Twitter
80% female audience between 18 and 54 (most between 25 and 45)
Audience is mainly UK / US / Australia + Worldwide

Further information about my skills and experience can be found on my LinkedIn Profile.

Brands and clients I’ve worked with include

Let’s connect and work together!

Alena Turley is a writer, educator, ethical social creative and personal branding coach.
She is a mother of three based in Sydney, Australia, passionate about connecting people to their own authentic selves and to each other.

Find her on InstagramFacebookPinterest and Twitter.

Other projects currently under production include:
A large-scale global social enterprise & network of freelancing mums called
the Soul Mamma Collective.
An original novel
DIY branding book
Online Courses