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Watch this demo of some awesome air-drying, magnetic, bamboo soap holders and get an exclusive
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Wipe your bum with a smile using Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, they have donated millions to environmental campaigns already. Use this link.

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Get wholesale pricing on high quality ethically sourced doTerra essential oils here.

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Insider Scoop: The Truth About Parent Blogging on Soundcloud Alena is interviewed by global award-winning Marketer and Social Influencer, Cara Parrish.

Free Meditation – Quieting the Voice Saying You Aren’t Enough

Check out this wonderful podcast all about parenting from the heart with Bonnie Compton.

Relax with this Spotify Playlist or enjoy this custom relaxed-but-cool “Chill the Funk Out” playlist.

She Births :: Nadine Richardson, doula/yoga teacher and birthing educator extraordinaire has created a rich and evidence-based resource for birthing mothers. You can also read about one of my She-Births-Inspired births here.

Carole Tuttle’s Free Energy Profiling Course

Information on pregnancy and addiction can be found here

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