How to Use This Site

How to Use This Site


The content you will find on this site is made with love and attention for people just like you – the carers, the mothers, the papas, the grandparents, the hearty humans. It’s made for those of us who wish to live more ethically and parent more soulfully.

Every single day improvements are made to the site and articles are created from a small home office on the Northern Beaches of Sydney (spoiler alert: it’s a desk under the stairs). Admittedly I can only write for five minutes at a time while my coffee goes cold and the kids are distracted, but hey… we do what we can right?

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Want to Know How to Find What You Need?

Search :: Begin by searching for anything you’re interested in. Just click on the magnifying glass symbol in the far top right of the screen and then type what you are looking for into the search bar. One or two words is best. Something like ‘new mum’, ‘recipe’, ‘sleep’, or ‘breastfeeding’ for example works well. 

Menus :: Across the top of the page you will see menu headings and if you hover your mouse or cursor over those menus you’ll see sub-categories appear beneath. For example, under Parenting you’ll see other sub-headings like New Mums. Each of those main menu headings and sub-menu headings – when selected, or clicked-on – will take you to a page with all the articles relating to those topics.

If you get lost you can always click on the Soul Mamma logo at the top of the page to return to the Home Page.

What Our Readers Like

Ethical Shopping :: Are you looking to become a more conscious consumer? You can Shop Favourites or head to the ethical shopping guide for more in-depth reviews. You’ll find a curated and growing list of products and services available.

Travel :: Feel the need to do some armchair adventuring? Then go here and have yourself an almost-holiday.

You might like this article about flying long haul with young children.

Home :: If you’re ready to reduce the toxic load on your family or in your home, grow your own veggies, or switch store-bought medicines for natural homemade ones, go here for easy to understand and simple life hacks to get things more natural and less toxic around your home all the time.

Recipes :: Would you like some simple wholefood recipe ideas that are nourishing and family-friendly?Go here.

Low Tox Home: Looking for ways to bring natural plant-based remedies, toxin-less cleaning and personal care into your home with ethically sourced essential oils?Start here. You can also join our special FREE Facebook group “Soul Mamma Essentials” to learn more about how to use oils to enhance your health here.

Here’s video-me, saying hello:

woman pointing to measured water bottle

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Go here for information on our audience (all the stats are in the mini media kit), or simply email me.


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Alena Turley is a founder, mentor, ethical content creator and mother of three based on Sydney's Northern Beaches. She is equal parts loved and fired up to support mums in making deep and lasting changes inside and out. Click here to purchase your copy of the BECOMING SOULFUL ebook. It gives you simple actionable ways to parent more soulfully and live more ethically, starting today. We at the Soul Mamma Collective acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we live, learn and create and invite you to feel deeply and tread lightly.

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