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Bluerg is a bra that is not only ethically made but also designed for maximum comfort and breathing space for women whether active or at rest. 

A new player in the bra and activewear space, Bluerg came about from the desire to provide comfortable, effective and ethical bras for women who didn’t necessarily fit the mould or standard sizing. 

The bras are adjustable and cater especially well for women who have potentially wider backs and shoulders but not necessarily larger cup sizes to match. They also work for standard sizing. 

The clever design allows adjustment of the band around the rib cage which in turn enables women who are training to breathe properly whilst wearing the tops. They are almost like an upgrade on your favourite crop top, bringing comfort but also great technical functionality.

The Review

I have been road-testing the Active bra and have been pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of it under high-intensity movement for keeping me from bouncing around and also allowing maximum unrestricted movement, especially when it comes to breathing. It is an added bonus not to have to squeeze myself into the sports bras I’ve been using that are so tight and difficult to put on and off that it is awkward and uncomfortable.  Getting changed has been excessively difficult with those, so massive win for the Bluerg that I’m now easily getting changed. 

The lovely folk over at HQ then sent me another one to try – the Rest design. And I love that there are only two and a small colour choice so it’s super easy to decide what to order. No need to scroll through crazy amounts of options just to get a basic bra.

The Rest, just like it’s sister-design the Active, is comfortable and functional and really flattering with a double string strap that is just thick enough to hold and not dig-in to the shoulder but not so thick you feel like a 1950s nun when you wear it. I actually sneakily found myself putting it back on after showers because I didn’t want to wear other bras. Will be getting myself a couple more of those for sure, and they are actually surprisingly affordable for the quality and the eco-credentials that they carry. 

Note, if you’re thinking of purchasing the underwear, they run on a smaller size so to size up if you’re unsure.  

The Company

I love the founder’s comments on their website: 

“We want you to breathe during workouts, relax in comfort, and not have the urge to rip your bra off at the first opportunity.  Imagine that ;)”

The Ethical Bits

On their website, this brand highlights its long term vision to allocate a percentage of profits to girls and women in sport. A lofty (and slightly vague) goal at this early stage but a worthy one that will surely emerge with the success of their business. 

  • The products are designed in Brisbane, Australia, and Bluerg is an Australian owned and operated family business.
  • For the next Bluerg Move range, they are designing a workout + swim set (you can work out in the crop tops and also swim in them, so will come with a matching swim brief).  For this range, they’re using Italian Carvico Vita Power fabric, which is a sustainable techno-fabric made of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon.
  • Although currently manufacturing overseas, Bluerg is on the hunt for a local manufacturer.  (If you know of any Australian manufacturers with capacity, the team at Bluerg would love to hear from them).  Each overseas manufacturer and factory currently used was visited by the founder, Caroline, to conduct due diligence before proceeding.
  • Bluerg does plastic-free despatch.  Their products are packed in eco-friendly noissue tissue and stickers, the mailers are compostable and they use carbon-neutral courier service Sendle wherever possible (for some remote/regional areas though they need to use Australia Post).
  • The brand also partners with One Tree Planted which means that each purchase plants a tree. 

It’s been a real pleasure learning about this brand and if you have any questions, just comment below.

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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