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After another week of early pregnancy, and another week of change and eating, sleeping and still being hungry and tired, I’m excited to start sharing the information as it comes to me along this well worn path.

At first I did the google search healthy pregnancy for over 35s. Mostly what I found were warnings of the risks of pregnancy for older women, and tips on how to become pregnant.

This is not what I was after, it was ways that we can positively nurture these wonderful little opportunity growing inside that I was seeking. What can we do to make the best of it?

Sure, I’m 39, but that doesn’t mean I want to spend my early pregnancy living in a world of fear. We face the risks, head on, we do the tests, then we hope for the best and look after ourselves. And most of all we think positively as much as possible.

Telling the truth helps. I told my doctor I was worried and he gave me a wonderful list of things I can do:

~ avoid alcohol and coffee
~ take it easy
~ drink loads of water
~ take a multivitamin (I’m using Blackmores Gold)
~ take fish oil tablets (highly distilled is best so they don’t smell or taste queasy)
~ use natural products on your skin
~ use natural cleaning products, and
~ eat healthily, especially eat organic as much as possible.

So now, from here on, I give you insights, musings and information gathered on the ways you can encourage a healthy development of babies, at any age.

Please read on in the weeks to come and get in touch if you feel like it. Chances are there is more information on hand than I can share in these posts.

In love and health ~ your cheeky soul mamma.

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