Ethical Antibacterial Products from Cleanskin Organics :: Sponsored

Ethical Antibacterial Products from Cleanskin Organics :: Sponsored

It’s not an easy task to find an ethical, natural hand wash and hand sanitizer at the best of times, let alone now. I know full well that making your own is not for everyone, so that’s when I turn to our trusty local organic suppliers to provide us with hand sanitiser and foaming antiseptic handwash to keep us safe from the germy germs.

What I like about them

What I loved about the little package I received in the post (apart from the thrill of just receiving any package in the post) was the travel sized foaming antiseptic handwash. Knowing that handwashing is the best way to keep ourselves germ-free right now, it’s cool to be able to carry a natural alternative in my handbag instead of having to resort to the nasty ones that get about in public washrooms.

Why do they work?

These products are simply filled with natural goodies. Paraphrasing the information card that arrived with them, here is a list of the natural properties these products provide with their carefully selected ingredients.

Green Tea contains ‘catechins’ which seem to hold viral infections at bay by inhibiting the enzymes they need to reproduce.

Rosemary comprises of many plant compounds including oleanolic acid, which has shown virus-fighting properties.

Eucalyptus contains elements that can kill bacteria, and possibly some viruses and fungi too.

Cinnamon Leaf in liquid form displays virus-fighting properties.

Oregano with its plant compound, carvacrol, again potentially offering virus-fighting properties.

Tea Tree Oil has been shown to be an effective antiviral and protective against common pathogens.


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