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deodorant tube on grass

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been finding it virtually impossible to source alternatives to conventional deodorant in my quest to switch it up in the bathroom. If you are seeking to neutralise the nasties in your home whilst overhauling your personal hygiene routine (as we are) it can be quite frustrating. I’ve found some awesome skincare and dishwashing tools, we’re using essential oils to invigorate our home (and our spirits), but when it comes to certain things like toothpaste and deodorant it’s a little more tricky.

deodorant tube on grass

The First Experiment

Though I have enjoyed looking at the alternatives that come in tins I seem to use them less (oooh, stinky!). I think it’s partly because I’ve been completely spoiled with the habit of using stick deodorants for so long – first world problems, am I right? When I’m hurriedly getting ready to change before or after training getting my hands dirty and fiddling with the lid isn’t ideal.  I also don’t love buying and re-buying metal packaging. So although I will use up the paste till it’s gone and find a use for the tin so as not to waste it all, I was still looking for something a better lifestyle fit whilst still seeking something made ethically.

Natural Care for your Body and the Planet

So you can imagine my joy on a recent visit to our local market when the Asuvi guys turned up. We got talking and discovered not only are they rejigging their packaging to use post-consumer recycled materials to make the tubes, but even their first iteration was made from a plastic that could be recycled easily. The ingredients (listed here) are entirely natural and don’t contain any of the usual nasties.

How does it work?

Here’s the great thing – you can order refills which are posted out to you for free, shipped carbon neutrally, in biodegradable packaging. Additionally, 1% of the profits are donated to ocean cleanups. And gosh, it smells so good. We got the Aqua + Earth flavour and I’m in love with it.

Asuvi haven’t given me any products nor paid me any money to write this. I just love to support companies that are innovative, devising clever packaging and developing business and delivery systems that support environmentally conscious solutions.

Buy Now

You can get at it and see for yourself. Click here to go directly to their website, or check them out on Instagram.


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