Gratitude and Mindful Moments

Gratitude and Mindful Moments

Some moments are most inspired and complex precisely because they are so simple. Sound confusing? It’s not meant to.

Take for example hanging up your child’s freshly washed clothes in the backyard on a clear autumn night. There’s a multitude of twinkly little stars in the sky, the sounds of the neighbourhood all around – be it buses passing, people walking by, or just the absence of hustle and bustle – all mingling with the somewhat intoxicating smell of clean washing.

This is the kind of moment that might bring us back to how simple it is to feel happiness from just what we have. Not the kind of happiness we feel on birthdays or anniversaries – although this is still totally valid of course. This is the kind of happiness that sneaks up on you unexpectedly. This is the kind of happiness a little girl feels when her Daddy helps her down from a high spot or the kind that a little boy feels when Mummy helps him spell something. This is the kind of happiness we have available to us every day if we choose to tune into it.

So without waxing lyrical and over-complexifying these beautifully simple things… here’s to the basics. Here’s to the wry smile you find on your face accidentally. Here’s to the suddenly lovely moments that might take us by surprise if we let ourselves love what we already have. Here’s to our simple charms and little loves.


Click here and let me send you a bonus PDF, “Soulful Parenting: Three Simple Ways to Raise Thriving Resilient Kids”. Alena Turley is a writer, educator, ethical digital creator and mother of three based in Freshwater Beach, Sydney. I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we live, learn and create. I recognise that this land has long been a place of living, learning, and creating.

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